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New Release 9/20/20 only on my website!

New Release 9/20/20 only on my website!


Peppers Productions Co.
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Now that I see the Big Picture, I do not feel it was a mistake or unfortunate that I had to leave my beautiful Homeland of Dominica.  That move WAS the catalyst I was given to expand my Musical Genres from: Calypso and Reggae to World, Rap, Pop, R&B, and Zouk.  Which allows me to continue sharing JAH Messages of Love, Loss, Gift of the Earth for us to take care of and being kind to one another.

My music has been compared to Dennis Brown and Peter Tosh.  I take this as a compliment and feel honored. 

While gigging and entertaining up and down the Eastern Coast from New York, to The New England States, Boston and some MidWestern States and down to the Southern Region of the Atlantic Coast. From Georgia, across the state of Florida.  I kept busy composing, producing, singing and playing a lot of my Original Indie Songs that I have been writing throughout my lifetime.  In 2013 I decided I was ready for a cross country adventure.  Knowing that Los Angeles is always alive and a "Happening Music City" I left Florida and headed for California.   After arriving and getting settled in, I met several "Kindred Spirits." and wrote and recorded, "Ganja Party" in 2015.  It is a happy song and every time I play or hear it, it makes me smile.   From all the positive feedback I receive about it I know many many of you feel the same. 

I had it loaded on to this that you too may enjoy it. 

 With all the wonderful feedback I receive from my fans, following, and friends all over the world. I never tire of hearing which of my Originals you like or why?  Everyone has their own favorite song they tell me they enjoy! When you listen to my tunes you will hear many different instruments and styles I have incorporated into my recordings.  Love indeed DOES make the world go round.  This is my life long job I take to heart.  Because "It's Only Love."   rege  

Scattered throughout my site,  you will see areas where you may sign up  if you would like to have advance notice of my next new releases whether they be Singles or another Album.  Or anything "news worthy" I think may interest you concerning what I am up to next. In fact, I will share with you... I am presently working on getting a Podcast up and running.

With all the changes happening in our world and the music business I still want You ALL to have access to me and my music wherever you may be.


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Please feel free to scroll through my site. Besides being able to enjoy my tunes I will have select clothing and some special merchandise that I myself will be picking out to share with you. Plus,  soon there will be some fun things and surprises I will be offering monthly.

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Clair Hill

 Rege Lark

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