Rege is a Great Musician & Entertainer. You can hear in his songs how much he loves making and playing music. I love listening to his music and never tire of it. ”

— DB, Bank Officer January 3, 2019

Rege's Bio

IRIE !   I AM  REGE LARK  Rege's advice to you is  "follow your dreams”... "I have." 

 It was no accident that his love of music begun for him as a child.  He started practicing on the Steel Pan mostly playing rhythms and singing Calypso with his friends on the Island of the Commonwealth of Dominica.  Forming his beliefs and love for life and his fellow beings.  He could not help but see and feel the pain and injustice inflicted on his fellow Islanders. Thus, reflecting back to those early days of playing Calypso and honing his own style, he switched to Reggae being the music of his choice. With this in mind, he wrote and recorded two Albums and several singles in his homeland.  He became a bit of a Celebrity himself.  "His claim to "fame” was short lived." 

"He had to leave rather abruptly" on a freighter because of the controversy that one of his tunes created with the “then Government”. Officials were sent to the radio station with orders to destroy all copies of one of his songs that was starting to be popular and getting a lot of air time. His family felt it in his best interest he move to America where he had family members.  "(By the way, I have been told by family and friends back home all my records for that one song could not have been destroyed because people ARE still playing it today.)"  Rege Lark

 In the spring of 1970 Rege landed in New York City.  Having to move to another country and a new way of life just when your life is taking a turn for the better..many people would see this as a setback. But, Mr Lark saw this as a catalyst that JAH (Psalms 68:4) used to get him where he needed to be to get his messages of Universal Love and Understanding out.  Settling in, he got himself  a day job and started over again finding his niche in the music world by performing with various musicians and groups. 

In 1983 Rege decided to move  to Boston, Mass., again securing a day job and forming his own band called The New Generation Band.  He signed with an Entertainment Company who put them to work immediately  touring extensively up and down the Eastern Coast including The New England States, New York, Underground Atlanta, and  some of the  Midwestern States.  They continued to gig heavily entertaining and performing being a very big hit on the College Circuit including Harvard, M.I.T., Massasoit College, U. Mass., and several other colleges as well as entertaining at The Berkshires, The Governors Ball at Boston Commons and at clubs, pubs, parties, festivals, and concerts.  While doing all this touring they opened for Jimmy Cliff, Burning Spear, Pablo Moses, and King Sunny Ade' to name a few. 

In 1984 while entertaining and performing he wrote, "Mr. Iley Man" stating, "Being on the road with nothing to nice up the head and uplift the spirit is no fun at all." "And, with so many wars and rumors of wars our leaders have their jobs to do." So, "Have Caution" came out that same year.  Both songs he included in his first American Album, he released in 2004 titled, It's Only Love.

  He wrote "Reggae Music" in 1985 because he saw the Universal appeal that the music carries.  He also wrote "Rubba Dub Style" in 1993 to give variety to his style of writing.  Another Original "It's Only Love" was born and released in 1994.  Later to also become the Title of his First American Album.  He also  included four other Original Songs, "Resist" written in 1999 "Freedom Strip" also written 1999, "JAH Love" he wrote 5/1993 and Come A Little Closer" he wrote in 1993.  Rege had to re-register It's Only Love for copyright purposes  which was validated in 2018.  Another lesson in life, concerning "your babies"...take care of your own paper work! 

 Rege's music has been compared to Dennis Brown and Peter Tosh.  Of which he takes as a compliment and feels honored.  Both he considers Great Artists with messages they gave us to live by and heed.  His move from his homeland to the United States was no mistake it helped him realize the scope of his composing to expand his musical genres from Calypso, and Reggae, to World, Pop, Rap, R&B, and Zouk.     

His goals have  not changed much since he was that young child just starting out to entertain. His songs, "Reggae Music" and "Rubba Dub Style" from his It's Only Love  Album released in 2004 are songs he wrote in reminiscent of the music he wrote and performed in the Caribbean.

In 1989 his manager booked them for a good paying concert in Florida.  So down to Jacksonville, Florida they all went.  He rented them an apartment for the week.  Absconded with all the money after the concert,  and left them stranded in Florida.  Rege and two of the band members decided to stay in Florida.  All the others had commitments and had to hitch rides back to New York and Boston.  He said It never dawned on him to quit. He started all over again for the third time.  Got himself a day job, formed a new New Generation Band and picked up where he left off.  Secured gigs and continued entertaining from Jacksonville to  Knoxville Tennessee, and up and down the Atlantic Coastline to Miami, and across the state up and down the Gulf Side.

 The music started coming to him more frequently.  Rege said, "The "gifts” we are given ARE just!"  "I can be sitting in a restaurant with friends enjoying a nice meal and next thing I am doing is writing lyrics to a new song on napkins, place mats, anything I can find."  "The music just keeps coming."  That is how he started writing, "All you Can Be" on his second Album, Pay Attention which he decided to add 3 more of his Original Tunes, "Call Me" written in 2007, "Chalice Never Die" he wrote in 1990. He finished writing "Pay Attention" and "All you Can Be" in 2006. And he released it in early 2010.  Rege is driven by the messages that come to him. They mostly are of love, loss, gift of the Earth for us to take care of, and being kind to one another.

That same year, 2010, he attended the ASCAP EXPO in Los Angeles, Ca., Met a lot of fellow musicians and exchanged albums, ideas, attended several workshops, and made some great contacts of people in the Music Industry.  Quincy Jones & Justin Timberlake were two of the guest speakers. Of which Rege found their advice invaluable. He has said, "If you are serious about your musical career you should really try to attend these seminars and conventions and music workshops....GO."  What a year he was having!  His business manager called to let him know he had won the 2010 First Prize in Sonicbids, Show Me The Music Contest, Reggae Category,  for his Original "Have Caution" from his It's Only Love  Album. Thank You Sonicbids!

Bridging the past to the future with the message of hope and love and lifting each of us to a new level of consciousness is still his goal as he wrote in his song, “Pay Attention” from his second Indie Album, by the same title.  Then, in September of 2011 he was asked to Showcase at the Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival. What an honor! Monty, The Promoter, went out of his way to see that they were accommodated. The day before they left Florida to attend, he was notified he had won for the second year in a row, First Place in Sonicbids, Show Me the Music Contest, Reggae Category, with another one of his Original Tunes, “Call Me" from his Pay Attention Indie Album.  It could not get any better.    

Deciding he was ready for a new adventure, Rege packed up and headed West to California.  He knew Los  Angeles was a busting music city!  And, since change is not a stranger to him, moving across country was a new welcomed adventure.  Moving from one area to another is cathartic and the draw of the unknown is very exciting and mesmerizing.  Upon arriving in California and getting acquainted with the Free Spirits that live there, he wrote and recorded "Ganja Party" in 2015.  It is a happy song.  And.. every time he plays or hears it, it makes him smile.  Please check out "Ganja Party" and all his other Originals he has written to share with you.  "Thinking of where I have been and where I want to take my music, I wrote "Overcome" and "Sad Feelings" which I am releasing this week."  "All of our lives are constantly changing with ups and downs."  These are the words he sings in these two songs which you can hear and stream now available in his store. Let Rege know how you like them. 

If you would like to be one of the first to be alerted when his new tunes and albums will be released or new merchandise is added  in his store, please feel free to leave your email address in one of his contact areas. "I deeply appreciate all the love and support that I receive from you, my family of worldwide fans, all my friends and well wishers." "Thank you for liking my “babies”.  "Through these gifts I have been given, I realize JAH was grooming and molding me to bring forward and share with the world the Universal Language of Love."   "Love...does make the world go round and this is my life long job I take to heart, because, IT'S ONLY LOVE."

IRIE,  Rege

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Have an IRIE kind of day. Rege