I believe we all are given gifts..mine happens to be music.

“You do speak from the heart.” Is what TAXI Feedback said about my original song, “Reggae Music” from my First American Indie Album Release, “It’s Only Love” in 2004.

I am very excited to share with you the news of my new single released on Monday, May 8, 2017 titled, “Overcome”. stream “Overcome”. Bridging the past to the future with the message of hope and love lifting each of us to a new level of consciousness is still my goal as I wrote in my song “Pay Attention” from my Second Indie Album, by the same title, “Pay Attention”.

My music has been compared to Dennis Brown and Peter Tosh. I take that as a compliment and feel honored. Both, I consider, Great Artists with messages they gave us to live by and heed. I too, hope, that one day in my travels and life’s journey, I will be remembered as one that made a musical dent in Love and Kindness to one another without so much hatred and cultural naiveness. These are the words I sing when I tour.

When I was 9 years old I started practicing on the steel pan playing rhythms and singing Calypso with my friends in my native country, on the Island of the Commonwealth of Dominica. Honing my musical skills, I went on to play Reggae and successfully recorded several Reggae Tapes and 2 albums. One of my tunes distressed the “then Government” of my country. They sent officials to the radio station, took all copies they had of my song, broke them, and forbid the station to play it anymore. My family felt it in my best interest to send me to the USA to live with relatives. I really feel this was the catalyst that GOD/JAH used to get me where I needed to be to get the message of Universal Love and Understanding out.

After a few months living in New York City, I formed a band and named it, The New Generation Band. I signed with Entertainment Unlimited. While touring in New England, Boston, New York and the Eastern Coast and performing for Harvard, MIT, Gettysburg State College and many other parties, festivals and gigs, “Have Caution” and “Mr Iley Man” from my Indie Album “It’s Only Love” was born. stream tunes here

I see myself in this great theatre of life and living as a positive entertainer in our music world. I deeply appreciate all the love and support that I receive from my worldwide fans, all my friends, and well wishers. To my credit I’ve had the opportunity to perform opening acts for stars such as: Jimmy Cliff, Pablo Moses, Mutabaruka, King Sunny Ade’, just to name a few. My goals have not changed much since I was that young child of 9 just starting to entertain. My advice to you is, “follow your dreams”…I have. My songs, “Reggae Music” and “Rubba Dub Style” from “It’s Only Love” album are songs I wrote in reminiscent of the music I wrote and performed in the Caribbean. The song and title, “It’s Only Love” says it all for me. Love DOES make the world go round.

Our manager took us down to Jacksonville,Florida for a concert in the early 90’s. Got us an apartment for the week. Took off with the money from the concert, and left us there. Myself,and two of the band members stayed in Florida and the others returned to New York and Boston.

I started all over again. Formed a new New Generation Bank and we played from Knoxville, Tennessee, to Miami, Florida. The gifts we are given are just that a gift. I can be sitting in a restaurant with friends enjoying a nice meal and next thing I am doing is writing lyrics to a new song! Napkins, place mats, anything I can find. The music just keeps coming..that is how I started writing, “All You Can Be”, on my second CD, “Pay Attention” which I finished and released in early 2010. I am driven by the messages that come to me and they mostly are of love, loss, gifts of the Earth for us to take care of, and being kind to one another. This is my life long job I take to heart cause, “It’s Only Love”.

Jump ahead..present day. From all the gigging up and down the two coasts and across America for these past 40 years, I have expanded my composing and performing genres to include: Modern, R&B, Pop, Rap, and Reggae.

(By the way, I have been told by family and friends back home, all my records for that song could not have been destroyed, because, people ARE still playing it today).

IRIE, Rege Lark


In April of 2010 I attended the ASCAP EXPO in Los Angeles, Ca., Met a LOT of fellow musicians, attended several workshops, exchanged ideas and CD’s. Everyone in the industry attends. From Record Labels, Media People, Lawyers, Music Distributors, and many more. Quincy Jones and Justin Timberlake were the guest speakers. Their advice was invaluable. I will tell you, if your serious about your musical career and can afford to attend these seminars and conventions…GO.

That was an exciting and fun year for me. I won First Prize in ReverbNations “Show Me The Music Contest”, in the Reggae Category, with my original, “Have Caution”, from “It’s Only Love”.


In 2011 I was asked to Showcase at the Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival. The exposure and performing there was a real treat for me. The promoter went out of his way to see that we were

accommodated. It was a lot of fun to mingle with other artists of all sorts. The day before we left Florida to attend, I was notified I had won for the second year in a row First Place in ReverbNations, “Show Me the Music Contest” Reggae Category, with another of my Original Tunes, “Call me” from “Pay Attention” Album.

In memory of Bro Barry

‘nough respect and much love to

my belated brother, bass player,

BARRY SWAINE.’ I am continuing

what we started. Enjoy the other side

and keep on playing for JAH

as I am doing the same here.

You are gone..but,


BE YOURS..Thanks and Love, Rege